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Apple iPhone 13 Textured Case Pro

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Product Category:protective case|Product Gross Weight:98.7g|Product Net Weight:37.5g|Package Size:181*111*19mm|Product Size:151.37*75.91*2.90mm

Nillkin Textured Case Pro

Made from refined nylon fiber material which is tough and durable, Textured case enjoys excellent craftsmanship quality. Processed by advantaged nesting craft with environmental TPU and solid PC materials to bring you superior touch feeling when using it. Combination of softness and hardness. Lightweight design provides edge-to-edge protection for your phones. Patented lens sliding cover design, protect camera lens, prevent scratches and protect privacy.Nylon material has strong anti-pollution ability to reduce fingerprint leaving. Equipped with rope hanging holes is convenient for smart phone-taking. Non-slip bars on two sides.

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